August 1, 2011


Serato ITCH1.x is good software, but its reputation as Scratch Live lite and updates that seemed to go against users desires only served to rise the ire of users to the point it seemed they were going to start a revolt. Since it hit the market as Serato’s main software for DJ controllers such as the NS7, users have flooded Serato’s forums and support teams, and anywhere else where they could voice their frustration, with complaints, suggestions, cries for help, and more. What did this accomplish? Nothing really, except for the occasional and cut and dry reply from Serato and of course, the cries for patience among the more understanding users among them who never gave up hope that Serato was in fact going to release an update that would take ITCH to the next level!

Well, that day has come, Serato ITCH finally dropped sometime late last week. I say sometime, because, despite being a long time follower of all things ITCH, a subscriber to their newsletter, feeds, and anything and everything that would keep me in the know, I stumbled upon the news just this morning. I knew nothing of the release, which I was expecting sometime in September at the earliest. An entire weekend I could have spent playing with the upgrade passed me by, but alas, it is here, and telling from what I’ve already seen and read, it sure looks promising. I just won’t be able to do a straight up in-depth hands on until this weekend. But after waiting over 2 years for an upgrade, that’s a piece of cake.

Take a look at the video below and if you’re not in the office like I am, go download it now, right here!




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