The Archives Crate

In 2007, fueled by a passion for nightlife culture, I embarked on an ambitious project to create 1200Dreams, a social networking hub for industry professionals and party enthusiasts alike. The DJ, a pivotal figure in this realm, was to hold an equally prominent role on the platform.

With unwavering dedication, I poured my heart and soul into designing, writing, and managing 1200Dreams from its inception until late 2014. Despite the challenges, it was a labor of love. However, the timing of this endeavor proved to be less than ideal, coinciding with a transformative era in the internet landscape, marked by the meteoric rise of social media giants like Facebook.

Despite my unwavering resolve, my nightlife aspirations eventually outgrew the financial resources required to sustain them. Much like old-school DJs carefully storing their vinyl records, I had to shelve my dreams, hopefully only temporarily. This website serves as that metaphorical crate, preserving a treasure trove of memories and achievements.

Within its digital walls, you'll discover interviews with both rising and established DJs and artists, along with news, thought-provoking articles, personal reflections, press releases, captivating videos, and more, all meticulously crafted by myself and the small, dedicated team of writers who shared my vision.

I am eternally grateful to these individuals, from those I still consider close friends to those who have sadly departed, and even those who exploited my trust. I am also deeply appreciative of the members who joined our community, eagerly read our articles, actively engaged on social media, and proudly proclaimed their support for 1200Dreams at the clubs and parties I attended. Your unwavering encouragement meant the world to me.

Amidst the challenges, two dreams unexpectedly materialized. The first was finding the love of my life. The second was the profound joy of welcoming three extraordinary new lives into the world. Words cannot express my gratitude to my now wife for her unwavering support throughout this journey, from navigating the disappointments of unscrupulous web developers to weathering the storms of multiple site hacks, all while I spent countless nights diligently coding, programming, writing, and, yes, enjoying the nightlife scene. Her unwavering support was nothing short of remarkable.

In the end, I believe we emerged victorious. The nightlife dreams, of course, will forever remain alive, and perhaps one day, the DJ will once again power up their trusty 1200 Technic turntables (the inspiration behind the platform's name) or whatever innovative technology DJs will utilize in the future, reigniting the party spirit. Until that time, let us cherish the memories we've created and continue to dream of what could be through this digital haven.

Thank you all.
DJ Inti J.