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DJane Mirjami: DJ or Stripper? Good Or Bad For The Scene?

DJane Mirjam is a DJ who just so happens to DJ topless. Is she more stripper than DJ? Is she a house head or a sex fiend? Is she good or bad for the scene? We ponder this and more here!

DJ Jess Marquis Silences ‘Rocker vs. DJ’ Video with Remix

DJ Jess Marquis was equally as pissed at Rolling Stone Magazine’s (Italy) recent video pitting rock loyalists against underground clubbers. So naturally, he released a rebuttal remix.

Rolling Stone Italy Takes A Swing At DJs

Rocker VS DJ? If you are a fan of DJs and dance music, get ready to be pissed off. But, don’t worry, we let them have it for you.

Time to Drop New York City’s Cabaret Law Once and For All

Don’t dance much? Nights out clubbing not really you’re thing? Guess again because freedom of expression is supposed to be protected under the First Amendment. Time to get rid of the Caberet Law once and for all!

Rebel Tumbao Pre-Release Album Performance At Drom NYC

Rebel Tumbao combines strong music, educational, socially conscious backgrounds to bring a message in “AfroLatinRootsReggae” rhythms.

WEEKEND RECAP: Mi Casa es su Casa Holiday Season 5 Finale

Even after five years, paradise manages to have a few surprises

Mini Doc Takes A Look Into Life of The Martinez Brothers

House music duo The Martinez Brothers let us in to their personal lives in this mini doc.

Top Summer 2013 EDM Festival After Movies

Relive the summer festival season with this collection of some of the best after movies of 2013!

Rare Footage Of Paradise Garage Surfaces. Does The Legend Live Up To The Hype?

Rare footage of the Paradise Garage surfaces. Does it show the legend is more hype than reality or was it as magical as the legend tells? Find out for yourself here.

DANCE: Freedom of Expression Takes Center Stage at NYC’s Dance Parade

Ever feel like throwing all caution to the wind and dancing in the streets? If you’re in New York City this weekend, go for it!