Not a safe pick by any means, controversial, unexpected; 1200Dreams 2013 DJ of The Year Diplo is all this and more, which is why he is perfect!

We recap our top 10 DJ of The Week’s for 2013!

Music is subjective not only to our tastes, but to our moods and state of mind. This week’s selections for the WeekendMix give you a look into different states of Music.

The analog vs. digital debate continues and one NYC veteran recently shared his feelings on this issue. We loved it so much, we’re publishing it here in our newly coined Sound-Off section!

Movement Electronic Music Festival 2014 phase 1 line up and official trailer. Need I say more?

2013 has been a great year for Tube & Berger but they are not done. In fact, they are about to Set It Off for next year with latest single plus its new video!

Don’t let the holiday stress get to you. Press play on these three mixes and all will be merry,

Maison All Stars “I Can’t Fight this Feeling” features the tones of Vernon Lewis and three rising producers!

Sharam + Anousheh go On & On with remixes by Cash Cash + Manila Killa + D.V.S*

BPM Festival is coming up, but once the party is over then what? Oh yeah, this awesome comp mixed by Art Department!