Craigslist help wanted ad for “new” Pacha club in Atlantic City is too good to be true.

Just cuz some of us didn’t make it to Miami #WMC2014, doesn’t mean we can’t bring Miami to us. We have 7 epic mixes to help you heal!

DJ Able asks, whatcha gonna do? I say, you’re gonna get down!

Dannic is back with Dear Life. Hold on to yours once this pours from the speakers!

Swedish dance-music duo Andreas Rodlund & Matt Hewie are making a name for themselves across the pond. Will they cross over with their new ‘Ultimatum?’

Whether singing in front of the stage or rocking from behind the turntables, Anané holds nothing back. That is why she is this weeks, DJ of the week!

To celebrate his record labels 10 year anniversary, Steve Angello is giving away Size records decade deep catalog away for free!

It’s spring! Hallelujah! We celebrate with three awesome house music mixes! What better way to start the season?!

Defected Records is set to burn the mufuggin roof down this Summer with their season long celebration of their 15 year anniversary!

EDM is great to dance with, or to overdub other peoples videos with!