It’s the end of summer and my birfday weekend. Let’s go all out with a five mix WeekendMix! Let’s go!

The Subpac aims to bring the powerful bass you feel in club speakers to you, without the club. Find out more about this awesome product here.

The Scumfrog is set to play and participate in the 28th Burning Man Project in Black Rock City. Doesn’t get anymore underground than a city built for the occasion.

Is it true that Steve Aoki, the DJ Forbes listed as the 10th richest DJ is using pirated software?

We couldn’t allow summer to end without revisiting the infectious melodies of electro swing. Brace yourself.

When you watch a video of a Taekwondo match turning into a dance battle, you do two things: Laugh and share.

This Labor Day weekend Electric Zoo is bringing 14 Official Electric Zoo Afterparties! That’s three days of non-stop music and celebrations! Ready?!

To bring more attention to their already beautiful artist series pressings of control vinyl, Serato has pulled a Willy Wonka on us and released one set with a gold rim. Where exactly no one knows. Find it and you win a trip to the chocolate factory, er I mean, Serato HQ.

Shelter Legend Timmy Regisford accused of stealing music copyrights: is this a case of artists speaking up or mudslinging haters? Either way, we’re going to get to the bottom of it.

When is a DJ more than a DJ? When he is a GRAMMY Nominated Singer, producer, promoter, and of course DJ, Vikter Duplaix. Let’s get familiar.