We gonna wrap up 2011 and start up the new year with a bang, or at least get you in the mood to bang after you watch these hot Reggaeton videos!

Dance music exploded in 2011, but lest we forget, the magicians behind the scenes are the DJs. So, we pay them respect!

Roland Clark has a few surprises in store, first of which is his upcoming EP, Roland’s Revelation. We managed to score an interview before its release and he unveils a special secret in 2012.

This years 1200Dreams DJ of The Year is more than a DJ, it’s all of them! What? Read on to see a 1200Dreams first. Our DJ of The Year honor will never be the same.

Revolutions don’t take a Holiday. Thievery Corporation returns with a single aimed at the belly of the beast!

Just because it’s the Holiday’s, it doesn’t mean we can’t get freaky. We just add a donkey. It’s not what you think. Freaky Reggaeton Fridays returns with a special Holiday edition. Feliz Navidad people!!

For your listening pleasure we have three mixes for your Holiday git down! Press play on these three hot mixes and enjoy your Holiday!! Merry Christmas everyone!

There are a lot of Adele remixes out there, official and non official. This is one of the best, unofficially of course.

Inner City’s Kevin Saunderson and singer/songwriters Paris Grey and Ann Saunderson sit down for an in depth interview about their past, present, and ‘Future’.

David Morales drops new track titled Holiday, just in time for, you guessed it, all the hot parties this coming weekend, and beyond.