With summer in the air it’s time to get into the swing of things, and we have four epic Electro Swing mixes to do just that!

Muted Trax latest release, “Doin’ You”, blurs the lines of blues and house with a touch of Cajun flavor.

The phase 2 line up of this years Electric Zoo has just been announced. Ready. Set. Go.

He’s a mysterious artist -graphic designer and electronic musician- from Berlin that you’ve probably never heard of, but he already has a Greatest hits comp out. Great time to get familiar.

Hypnotic and funky. Get ready to go deep with Krankbrother’s Electric Lucifer.

27 years, 50 events. Southport Weekender is a community inspired, supported and loved ultimate weekend destination. This is our recap!!

I hope that while searching for images and using keywords such as NSA, freedom, and spying, I didn’t get myself in trouble. Happy Memorial day America.

Sometimes no matter how many parties you have to attend, there is a movie you can’t wait too long to see. That’s why this clubber made sure to catch Godzilla opening weekend! Here’s the review!

This is a Spike Lee wake up moment. We can use the energy generated by the Frankie Knuckle memorials, Dance Parade, Larry Levan Way party, and Three Kings celebrations to expand the reach of this beautiful, uplifting music we call house.

This weeks DJ of the Week is proof that a DJ doesn’t have to be a producer to make it, but that love and hard work can pay off just as well.