End your Summer with a bang, FOUR of them! Four mixes to pump this weekend as you enjoy the seasons last weekend!

House legend Grant Nelson provides the soundtrack as we gear up to finish the Summer and celebrate a certain someone’s birthday!

Electric Zoo is excited to announce set times online and via a new and improved mobile app, plus the return of environmentally friendly green initiatives and this year’s sponsors & media partners.

Pioneer sure aint playing lately, but they sure are allowing us to play even more and anywhere we want with their new Rekordbox app!

Traditional marketing is dead, especially in the music space. Here are 5 reasons why!

Summer might have taken its toll on your body and mind, but it’s not over yet! We have the perfect tunes for you to catch your breath before ending the season with a bang!

Dubstep “KING” 12th Planet has been making major moves lately with a new EP, website, and a new mini doc of it all! See it here, now!

Is he a singer or a rapper, a songwriter, a producer or a DJ? All you really need to know about this week’s DJ of the Week, Ghostpoet, is that he is unclassifiable.

Time to turn it up on some Hip Hop!

Major DJ fail as investigation uncovers DJMag has allegedly paid by prominent DJs for positive press!!