One would think that after a week drowning in the sounds of the world’s top DJ’s, it would be hard to pick just one for DJ of The Week. Not so.

Every year at the Winter Music Conference, one genre rises above all others as the unofficial favorite. This year, the genre that started it all came back strong! Read one humble writers perspective on which one.

Only one man can properly set things off in Miami for the Winter Music Conference, and only one man can be this week’s DJ OF THE WEEK, and that is none other than Danny Tenaglia!

Four days and counting, until Miami Beach is set on fire by hot bodies on hot beaches and in hot clubs, dancing to hot DJ’s! Consider this WEEKEND MIX, the official 1200Dreams kick-off! Let’s go!

Ever recall an old fav on the dance floor and wish some superstar DJ or big time producer remixed it, reworked it, and put it on blast on the dance floors, again? This writer did. Find out what classic dance floor thumper has her all up in a tizzy!

From Brooklyn to world domination, David Morales is one of the true hardcore DJ’s in the booth and the world, and one of, if not the first Superstar DJ, ever.

This Weekend Mix selection is pure dance energy for your body. Maybe mind and body as well, but you’ll be sweating too much to notice. Get ready for a serious workout!

To all DJ’s going to Miami for WMC, heads up! Here’s your chance to be Paul Van Dyk’s opening DJ act during the Vandit Records 10 yr anniversary party! Ready, set, record!

Pull out them cassettes, get them boom boxes ready, prop them speakers on the window sill, we bout to have a Rap Attack with this weeks DJ of the Week, Mr. Marley Marl!! Now, that’s fresh!