Lauryn Hill is in the news but not because she has good news for expectant fans. Turns out she has beef with Uncle Sam. Read her statement about the debacle here.

Kanye stops concert when a fan gets cray with a laser pointer. Awesomeness ensues.

Chaka Khan proves that she is “Every Woman” and fights “Through The Fire” by winning a health battle that saved her life.

Was Madonna pushing more than her new single at UMF this past weekend? Did she play the role of drug pusher too?

Paris Hilton’s first House track posted, then pulled from YouTube! Why? Take a wild guess.

Mister Cee alledgedly caught in lewd sexual act in car. The Hip Hop legend goes on with the show, as Hip Hop shows its homophobic tendancies

LA’s nitelife suffers a major blow to its coffers with the loss of one of its most devoted customers, well for 90 days at least. Watch video here of Lindsay Lohan getting sentenced to the clink!

I love Micheal Jackson. Yeah, I said it. But, there was a time that wasn’t always easy to say. Millions love him, millions hate him, millions more have likely done both. Here’s my story.