Trance is about feeling good and Dash Berlin brings that vibe with his new Fool For Life track and video. Watch it here.

The Harlem shake dance can be found everywhere, but it has nothing on what the Brazilians are up to.

The Harlem Shake has reached viral status. How couldn’t it, half the world is doing it. Here are five of our favorite videos!

Dog Blood comes with some nasty Acid slash Tech slash sick beats with their new single “Next Order.”

DJ Kent’s awesome track Falling has been a hit for quite some time but Black Coffee’s remix laced over a re-edit of the video by jOHNNYDANGEROUs is more than welcomed!

Real or fake this video of some pretty out there vinyl throwing is pretty cool.

Party people dancing, a mermaid swimming with a shark, girls in champagne glasses, plenty of thongs and barely there bikinis, oh and the song is hot too!

I think we’re gonna spoil you if we keep bringing you these hot Reggaeton and Tropical goodies, thing is, we can’t help ourselves. Let’s go!

Afrojack teases with this video montage taken from his appearance at the Stereosonic Festival in Australia.

DMC legends C2C is back with more DJ wizardry, accompanied by live instruments resulting in a hauntingly beautiful tune! Watch and listen here!