Weekend Mix 2.26.10 is like a hot cup of coffee or hot chocolate after a morning of shoveling, which is exactly what I’ve been up to all morning and the reason for the late Weekend Mix posting! Let’s go!!

You hear it said often, “House Music is a Spiritual thing,” and I am willing to bet no one feels that more than Osunlade. This episode of DJ OF THE WEEK goes to one of House Music’s most spiritual beings.


Sometimes, when you need some homoegrown Hip Hop, you need to dig deep, like Germany deep. Peep this episode of WEEKEND MIX for some neck snappin’ lyrical Hip Hop, like you haven’t heard in a while

Rob Swift is a world famous DJ/turntablist who has had an incredible career as a musical artist. Formerly of the legendary X-men/X-ecutioners, currently a member of Ill Insanity, and a solo artist as well, he’s about to take it to an entirely new level with the release of his new album titled “The Architect”.

Sometimes, you have to go hard or go home. This weeks DJ OF THE WEEK, AK1200 is a Drum n’ Bass/Jungle DJ wizard who simply knows no other way! Be warned: NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART!