From The Archival Crates

DJ Chris Lake has kept himself busy touring around the globe. But he’s also been hard at work on his upcoming album. Watch and listen to the first single, “Sundown” here!

Shelter Legend Timmy Regisford accused of stealing music copyrights: is this a case of artists speaking up or mudslinging haters? Either way, we’re going to get to the bottom of it.

Continuing our focus on Latino DJs, this week we present a Latina. Mikki Afflick, in a few short years, has turned her dream into a reality. Producer, DJ, label owner, this lioness is no joke!

Columbus Day weekend, October 2011 marked the third year of Mi Casa es Su Casa Holiday in Playa del Carmen Mexico. Julius ‘The Mad Thinker’ Spates, shares the history behind this well planned paradise excursion!

Giovanni Iglesias is someone who often zigs when the world zags. You do yourself a world of good expecting the unexpected from this DJ. Read our exclusive interview here!

V-Moda’s Crossfade M100’s were developed in collaboration with over 200 audiophiles, editors, artists, DJs and Grammy-winning musicians. But does this mean they are worth the price?

He has been DJing for less than five years, he wears a mask, he jumps around on stage, he is without a doubt a product of this new school of Internet fame, and love him or hate him he is here to stay. His name is DJ Bl3nd.

Pioneer CDJ-2000 firmware update has been released. Get it now.

From humble beginnings to worldwide superstar, German DJ tINI is on the rise, and it all began with a pair of Technics 1200’s!

We sit down with DJ, producer, and musician extraordinaire Scott Wozniak to talk House, the scene, and the Kickstarter campaign to fund his first solo effort in this exclusive interview.

Their first single ‘Skams’ is making some serious noise, so we caught up with home grown Brooklyn act Cubez to talk about their sound, the BK, and more!

DJane Mirjam is a DJ who just so happens to DJ topless. Is she more stripper than DJ? Is she a house head or a sex fiend? Is she good or bad for the scene? We ponder this and more here!

It’s Mother’s Day weekend. Time to get to work to please the mom’s in your life. We might not be able to help, but we have two mixes that just might help set a good mood.

The Harlem shake dance can be found everywhere, but it has nothing on what the Brazilians are up to.

Ever fall down the rabbit hole and find yourself swimming in a sea of auditory goodness? Listen to these three mixes and you might not want to wake up.

When we set out to create 1200Dreams, we wanted to write about all the people that live, breathe and eat nitelife culture; not just the DJs and the artists but the producers, the record label execs, and the promoters too, such as Robbi The Promoter.

Before he was cooking up a storm on Gordon Ramsey’s Hell’s Kitchen, Chef Barret was cooking it up in New York City’s dance scene.

Kenny Summit has been real busy lately. The East Coast DJ with international appeal is making major moves yet he sat down with us and opened up about his past, his future, and why haters are the most damaging thing on the scene today!

This weekend we get straight to the point with three House mixes that will speak volumes for you so you don’t have to.

DJ Rig for iPad, so easy everyone can now truly be a DJ. But don’t worry real DJs, you can’t replace real talent or skill. We hope!

Turns out size does matter! Serato ups the ante by going big and colorful. Check out their new iPad app Serato Remote. Ready to perform?

Memorial day is a time to honor the fallen and take a look at what we’ve done with the opportunities afforded us as well as those we’re letting slip away. For instance have you heard of Electro Swing? Maybe you should.

Algoriddim updates their top performing dJay app with more features, more goodies, and simply more, more, more.

The Puerto Rican Day Parade is this weekend, need I say more. Oh yeah, we have four Latin inspired mixes for you. Ay party!

It’s June, the month we celebrate Latino DJs here at 1200Dreams. This year we’re kicking it off with The Martinez Brothers! Wepa!

This Dominican New Yorker has traveled more than 50 countries in the last 10 years. With a consistent drive to number one, Oscar P is this week’s DJ of the WEEK.

Ever been using your controller and thought, “Man, I’d like to switch these buttons around more to my liking?” Well, if so, this just might be the controller for you.

What do you get when you mix a bike with DJ software? You mean, besides a mind blowing concept? Oh, ingenuity is what you get son, ingenuity.

1200Dreams caught up with Nutritious, one of the most appetizing DJ’s on the scene, to delve deep into his thoughts on the DJ experience and what he is up to now.

Half B-Boy. Half DJ. All amazing! We caught up with Duce Martinez for a one on one interview! As always, he didn’t disappoint!