DJ and 1200Dreams contributor Mark Gee shares his thoughts on all things WMC, House music, and the industry that ties it all together.

Louie Vega and Kenny “Dope” Gonzalez ushered in a golden era of dance music in the 1990s as the untouchable remix/production team, Masters At Work. All these years later, they are still tearing down the house, even when it’s a boat!

If you think it’s hot in the states, wait to you see what is going down in Ibiza, in what promises to be one of the hottest Summers in recent memory.

Danny Tenaglia’s resigning is a sad affair for EDM, but it’s also a wake-up call for me, what about you?

It’s not what we went there for, is what we came back with.

The underground breaks through to the mainstream. The Martinez Brothers meet corporate America by way of the Blackberry Bold

They met on the dance floor and celebrated their union on one too. Two House-heads find the rhythm that leads them to a wedding march.

DJs, its time to power up the 1s and 2s and go online. DMC Championships are going viral!

Antoine Dodson stopped an intruder from doing the unthinkable to his sister. Then, the unimaginable happened; his appearance on the nightly news made him a star. Of course, the adventure wouldn’t be complete without a remix!