Remix Culture

While Hollywood can’t make up it’s mind who is going to write, direct, or star in a feature film version of the 30 year old anime classic, fans took matters into their own hands!

EDM is great to dance with, or to overdub other peoples videos with!

Brian Williams & Lester Holt “rap” Rapper’s Delight on last nites Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon is pure genius. Nuff said.

When you watch a video of a Taekwondo match turning into a dance battle, you do two things: Laugh and share.

What if you had your own personal DJ following you around your entire life? This short film tackles that fantasy.

Parody of Gotye’s smash single done Jedi style!

Mr. Rogers gets the remix treatment from Symphony of Science.

Nicke Bertke does with movies what DJ Shadow does to music – creates entirely new works of beautiful art!

What do you get when you mix a bike with DJ software? You mean, besides a mind blowing concept? Oh, ingenuity is what you get son, ingenuity.