DJane Mirjami: DJ or Stripper? Good Or Bad For The Scene?
February 12, 2014 Share

DJane Mirjami: DJ or Stripper? Good Or Bad For The Scene?

I love DJs and DJ culture, and I can’t remember ever seeing a pair of tits I didn’t like, but when you put a pair of bouncing tits behind a pair of turntables it throws my equilibrium all the way off, I don’t know what to believe, or which head to listen to, if you know what I mean! Actually, I do know what I think; let me share.

If you have no idea who or what I am talking about, let me introduce you to DJane Mirjami, a young and beautiful female DJ from Poland who just so happens to DJ topless. Yes, you heard correctly, topless. But wait, there’s more. She touches them too and licks her fingers, and makes googly eyes and pouts her lips, all the while gyrating like a seasoned stripper. Yes, folks, she’s for real (even if her “friends” are not)!

I consider myself pretty open minded; I have taken that position on this very site numerous times; people/artists should be able to express themselves however they feel and whether we as fans like it or not, it doesn’t mean there is no validity to their artistic expression, and it surely doesn’t mean we have the right to disrespect them. But, this is predicated on the fact that there is a sincere, artistic meaning beneath it all in the first place, right?

Of course, the first thing that comes to most peoples minds and understandably so -besides the fact that she has a nice rack- is that Mirjami is a gimmick or worse; possessing of no talent and so desperate for fame she uses what she was born with (or purchased – can’t tell) to get noticed. Of course, this wouldn’t be the first time a DJ steps into the booth with a gimmick; from the head cheese of them all DeadMau5 to one of the newest on the scene DJ Bl3nd, there have been plenty of DJs who make no bones about wearing masks and fully embodying a gimmicky persona behind the decks. Mirjami is simply embodying, her, um, own body, and not much else. Is that wrong?

As much as we’d like to think so, just because someone decides to don a mask or portray some sort of persona doesn’t mean they are in fact talentless with no ear for music or the ability to beat blend. Deadmau5 is talented no matter what you think, but does this apply to the bouncy Mirjami? Well, as you can see and hear in her various Soundcloud mixes and her titillating videos, her mixes are not horrible, in fact I dare say they are quite entertaining as far as big room EDM mixes go. And it does appear that she is mixing, which might not be saying much, but she is doing more with that CDJ and mixer than I have seen from some big name DJs mixing live in concert or on video -you know besides twerking with it. So, questions of talent aside, what jars us about Mirjami and her bare it all performances?

Well, it’s no secret DJs and EDM are big business these days and DJs are tripping over themselves to go pop, so maybe this is a moot point, but let us pretend for a moment that we do care about artistic integrity shall we? Mirjami’s bold display of her self begs the question, at which point is it no longer about the art itself, but simply pimping the art as a vehicle to accomplish something else, such as fame for the sake of fame?

Listen, I like tits as much as the next guy, but when Mirjami’s breasts are bouncing to the beat and she is seductively gyrating and caressing her body, it is no longer about her DJing, her skills or even the music. When she is mixing, it’s just about her. Her and her beautiful breasts. Her breasts. In fact, what music? Seriously, straight or gay, you’d have to possess superhuman DJ skills to steal attention from that rack and all the gyrating.

Let’s be real, my body says yes, but my mind/spirit/common sense and respect for art and even humanity says this is wrong. You might think I’m being an old fogy or something, but keep in mind, I’m the one who has gone on record against DJ purists who I think are sometimes too stuck in their ways and simply don’t like change. When it comes to this issue however who can blame them for looking at this and deeming it all but sacrilegious and damaging to the art form? For years it’s been about endless practicing to develop the proper skills, lugging around heavy equipment, hustling for an opening spot at a shitty club, and here comes a very pretty girl who straps on a pair of headphones while unstrapping her bra and boom, she’s booking gigs left and right.

What does this do to the art form? Does it promote it, does it legitimize it? No, it doesn’t. Say what you will, but it demeans it. I’ve been djing for decades and once the hypnotic effect of her tits wore off, all I was left with was the feeling that DJing must be easy – as if I didn’t know what being a DJ entailed!

More importantly, how does this affect women who believe it is in fact about artistic integrity? I can just hear womens rights activists -or anyone who believes women should be treated as equals- bang their heads against the wall, not because of the content of Mirjami’s playlist but because her act further sexually objectifies women. This objectifying does not end in the DJ booth either, where it continues to be a constant struggle for women to be recognized, but it affects the world outside of the clubs too, you know, the real world. Some of you might not want to hear it, but it’s a very valid point; every time a woman shows us her breasts simply to get attention or propel her career forward, it makes it that much harder for men to pay attention to those who respect and truly love the craft, let alone possess real talent but decide to keep their clothes on.

Lastly, and this is a legitimate question that sincerely needs to be pondered, but is there something to be said about artistic integrity, self respect, decency? I mean, is it that Mirjami is so hungry, or is it, desperate for fame, she will do whatever it takes to get there even if that means pimping her own body? Or does she really believe this is a valid form of artistic expression? Either way, should we be ok with it? Or are we being too critical?

Fact is, I think this says more about us as a society then it does about Mirjami as an individual. And I don’t say that to let her off the hook either. It’s just that no matter how much we claim that artistic integrity is more important, the fact is sex sells! It is us as a society that have allowed sexuality to seep into every aspect of our lives; we tumbled down the slippery slope that is sexual liberation a long time ago and have allowed explicit, exploitative sexuality to take center stage. In fact, just posting this piece, as one of my esteemed writers notes, is “bringing attention to the trash.” Legitimate point indeed. But, I don’t buy into the theory that when one does something crass, those who are opposed should remain silent.

What are your thoughts? What do you think is Mirjam’s objective? Is dazzling us with her D cups her way of bringing attention to her DJ skills? Or is DJing perhaps her way of legitimizing her desire to dance naked in front of people? Is Mirjam more stripper than DJ? Is she a house head or a sex fiend? What about self respect, does it matter or are we just sheep easily mesmerized by superficial eye candy? Is anyone listening, cuz I sure as hell know they are watching!

The following mix is safe to listen to anywhere, the video needless to say is completely NSFW!

Music video or porn?

You decide.