M.O.S CEO Sounds Off Against Developer
November 2, 2010
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M.O.S CEO Sounds Off Against Developer

We reported this past Aprilthat London’s famous niteclub, Ministry of Sound, was in danger of being shut down. The legal battle is still ongoing, but Ministry of Sound’s CEO, Lohan Presencer, has gone to the London Evening Standard newspaper after hearing some harsh words being said by Oakmayne (the developer who is trying to shut the club down). Presencer says in the article, “we’ve been demonized by the developer as promoters of an ‘urban wasteland where anti-social behavior and noise nuisance can continue unchallenged.’”

The article also reported that the developer has offered some very weird ideas to the potential noise problem they fear will spill out of the club. The most questionable one being to give free lollipops to patrons leaving the club late at nite so they stop talking. Lollipops? Does anyone else find this amusing? Club goers are not easily tamed children, besides, I don’t think lollipops will keep people from talking especially when just coming from one of the best niteclubs in the world. Just my opinion.
Presencer has a lot more interesting things in his article that may just give you deeper perspective on exactly why they are fighting so hard. Take a look at the full article here, and let us know what you think about it.



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