ON THE SCENE: Mi Casa Es Su Casa Holiday Season 4 Finale – Om Is Home In Tuluum
October 10, 2012
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ON THE SCENE: Mi Casa Es Su Casa Holiday Season 4 Finale – Om Is Home In Tuluum

The Ruins of Tuluum, Mexico

It seems only fitting that the hottest day of the Mi Casa es Su Casa Holiday Seaon Finale falls on the same day that the excursion to The Ruins of Tuluum takes place.. First timers had the opportunity to experience the essence of Tuluum’s spiritual center and learn about the lives as they were lived by the high priests and commoners of the area.

The markets just outside the National treasure hawked local artisan goods, each one calling tourists attention with “Oye Amigo. Precio bueno”, claiming a familiarity bred from the need to feed their families.

Big on the wondrous recuperating benefits of natural coconut water, I took advantage of the 40 pesos price for a true coconut water with its natural juice box, pulp included and eaten with a spoon… Turned out that many of my fellowTuluum day trippers did the same. And here I thought they were just being polite when they nodded their heads and rolled their eyes after hearing me for the thousandth time praising coconut water.

After the tour of the ruins, the buses were packed up and shuttled everyone to Om Tuluum, where proprietor Antonio let us know that they were off the grid and not accustomed to handling 500 visitors at once. Patience was the order of the day and everyone seemed willing to extend themselves. Accommodations were made to facilitate the smooth running of food, drink and facilities.

I had made it my personal mission to get new people involved after the 2011 Season 3 finale and am happy to report that each person who followed through was delighted they had. Earlier in this trip there were a few who had run into issues with their travel agendas. Today, any stress they experienced melted away in that sun. We were in paradise. None of that mattered.

Turntables on the Caribbean turned the beach out. Eddie Plenty (NYC), Sabo (NYC), DJ Nu-Mark (LA) and Nikodemus (NY) made sure the sand shifted in time with the waves of the perfectly blue ocean.

I watched as those experiencing Mi Casa for the first time hugged and greeted friends made on this journey as if this gathering was just a natural order of events. And it was… Is… Yeah… Those who were there know- it’s not something you can really explain. Words fail to describe the singleness of being there.

As we roll though the darkness, back to Playa del Carmen, there is peace. Some of it from playing in the sun all day and some from the acceptance of being in paradise and off the grid. There’s nothing like it. You have to DISCONNECT to connect.

Next on the party circuit, we all meet at La Santanera for Aid to the Soulless. Doctors, nurses and caretakers will see to it that no soul is left behind.

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