Tell WBLS We Want DJ Ruben Toro Back On Saturday Nites
August 1, 2012

Tell WBLS We Want DJ Ruben Toro Back On Saturday Nites

Ruben ToroA few months ago, New York lost one of it’s premier radio stations, when ESPN radio pulled the rug right from under 98.7 Kiss FM’s nose. A 30 year legacy of bringing Black music to the tri-state area gone just like that.

The blow was somewhat softened when word came that the station would be merging with its life-long compititor, WBLS, “One Family, One Station” they said in a joint press release. The promise of a merger gave hope that many of KISS FM’s favorite on-air personalities would continue entertaining its loyal fans, albeit a little further down the dial. Turns out that was a very small merger indeed as only Shaila Mobley from the mid-day shift and Lenny Greene from the evening one joined the WBLS family. Great on-air talent indeed but, so with so many others dissapearing into the ethers, it left a sad echo in peoples heart.

One particular on-air personality that was left out of the shuffle was our friend DJ Ruben Toro, who for 13 years held down Saturday nites (the wee hours of Sunday mornings really) with his KISS Club Classics show. So beloved is Toro in fact, that his fans have started a petition to get him back on the air!

WBLS currently hosts the Soulful House Party with ROOTS NYC on Friday Nights, held down by House royalty Kevin Hedge and Lil Louie Vega, but what about Saturday nite? I don’t know about radio station politics and all but, Toro will surely fill in the after midnite slot quite lovely and his legion of loyal supporters will be right there listening and supporting. I believe it’s a no brainer for WBLS.

That being said, maybe WBLS could use a little convincing so, let’s see if we can’t make enough noise so that Ruben Toro can rock our Saturday nites once more. Show your support and sign the petition here!




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