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Shamika “Pinkie” Sanders

Well, another year of the Winter Music Conference has come and gone. The first one for me, actually, and I quickly learned there were more events in Miami than you can shake a stick at, but going to every single one would have simply worn me out. I must admit, I thought I was gonna go a little stir crazy from all the events I did attend, but I turned out just fine. My adventure in Miami was a very interesting one.

One of the first parties I hit up was the Mi Casa Su Casa party held at the South Seas Hotel, where people were filming Julius the Mad Thinker’s new music video. The event was very chill; people danced and had cocktails by the pool while listening to DJ’s Sabine, Aladdin and Hallex M’s soulful vibe. The whole vibe of the party screamed “Welcome to Miami” to begin with.

The Vega Wall Party @ the W Hotel was really packed! As soon as I entered its doors, I felt like I was entering The Secret Garden at night. Very beautiful scenery with The French Twins spinning in the garden area, giving a very chill vibe. I finally had the honor of meeting one of the Wall DJs, Mr. Josh Milan, who I have to thank for getting me into the Wall party or else I would have been stuck with the rest of the crowd! Inside the actual club itself, it was very glammed up, as well as the people themselves. The ever so lovely DJ Anane was working it, spinning afro-house tunes and soulful house. I really enjoyed the action for the 1st day of being there.

I almost did not get into the Shelter party held at Club Shine in the Shelboune, but it was well worth the admission! As I approached the venue, the line was a long as NYC’s welfare offices, scores of people all waiting to get their dance on in this Miami hotspot. Timmy, David, and Dino did their New York City magic as usual and had everyone on the dance floor sweating bullets. In the back room, we had DJs Lil’ Ray and Jamie 3:26 spinning soulful house and break beats. And to see all my Shelter heads there, it felt like home to me.

When it came to the Libation party, held at Buck 15, my friends and I had problems finding the location, situated in some alley like street as it was, and would have missed an incredible party if not for our persistence. Ian Friday, DJ Sabine, and the Afro Mosaic Soul crew brought the afro-funk to SoBe and turned it out! Ain’t nothing like getting lost in a Fela track!

The Friends of Moxa party at Segafriedo’s had a little bit of a technical glitch in the beginning, but got right back in stride in no time! Like the old saying goes: One monkey does not stop the show!

At the House Goddess party held in the Chelsea hotel lobby, it was all about women on the decks, and you know that 1200dreams had to represent for we were one of the sponsors of this dazzling event. This party had featured vocalists such as Vickie Ryan, Shelia Ford, Diviniti, and the lovely Stephanie Cooke. Also, turning up the heat on the decks were DJ’s Celeste Alexander and DJ Minx and it was done all over again at the Handsonradio.com tour along with Shannon Chambers, Jovonn, and Sheila’s divine and delicious rum cake.

I nearly missed getting in to the Get It In beach party if not for following DJ Mr. V in to the location! The party was really down to earth, besides the makeshift wooden dance floor there was a bar and a b-ball area (“three air balls and you’re done!” Mr. V would warn from the stage, Mic in hand), there was something for everyone to enjoy!

I did not know how funny DJ and Jive A&R Wayne Williams actually was until a bunch of us sat down and had dinner with him and his wife at the sushi restaurant, Moshi Moshi. By the stories him and his friends were telling, I have to keep him under watchful eye!

Redness, if you are reading this, I mean it when I say that you need to make The Sexy Bitch tour into a weekly, no, daily event! There was total mayhem in the streets at Segafriedo’s as DJ’s Brian Coxx, Lil’ Ray, and FLX ripped up the decks with a versatile array of house tunes. No one literally sat down at this event and they even had a dancer’s circle in the streets. Even passersby had joined in on the fun. There was also a woman in 4-inch stilettos that KILLED IT in the circle! How awesome is that? When 2AM hit, no one wanted the party to end. If you have video footage of this event, cherish it! If not, that’s kinda unfortunate, but it’s something I’m sure you’ll remember! For everyone that did come out to this party, it’s safe to say, they were all sexy bitches, guys too!

And last, but not least, I had the upmost honor of being invited to DJ Man-X’s home for a get together, which is not bad for a 1st timer. As I entered the place, I saw that it was truly a DJ’s dream home with wall-to-wall shelves full of vinyl. The way a DJ’s home should be!

Alongside from all the parties and events, I had a blast just being in Miami period. From its skies to its beaches, to all the wonderful people I have met in my journey. Thanks for making me feel welcome and I hope to visit this beautiful place again soon!

Pinkie xx