These days to stay truly connected, you have to be knee-deep in all things Web 2.0, taking full advantage of all the tools every site and service has to offer to better connect with the right people. Your FB fan pages, MySpace friends, and your Twitter lists’ have to be carefully selected and on point if you don’t want to get distracted with trivial nonsense such as tending a “farm” or “pets”. It’s bad enough when you have to put up with the insipid jabber of friends and family, but I digress. What is truly great is when unexpected connections happen that simply blow you away. Take my recent experience on Twitter for example.

I had been following someone for quite some time, which based on his name, I assumed was simply a “DJ”. I had taken to reading a particular series of #hashtag’s (definition) he was posting on a regular basis that went by #QuotesToSpinBy. On a whim, I decided I wanted to ask him about them in a Twitterview, an Interview done live on Twitter. Surprisingly, he said yes. What was even more surprising is that he wasn’t just a DJ, he was the Director of Product Planning at Pioneer and one of the masterminds behind the original Pioneer ProDJ CDJ’s; Karl Detken!

All of a sudden, I was about to Twitterview a man with a 20 plus year career as a DJ and a major player in the industry as a mover and shaker, and the 17th most influential Twitter user representing the DJ industry! I guess you can say, it was on.

So, without any further delay, here’s the official 1200Dreams Twitterview of Pioneer ProDJ guru, Karl Detken as seen live on Twitter, in Twitter speak and all, so not for those who cringe at the use of improper English.

1200Dreams: @KarlDetkenProDJ Love yer #QuotesToSpinBy

KarlDetkenProDJ: @1200Dreams: Thank you. Its fun 2 try to find quotes that I feel as a DJ I can apply to my craft & life.

1200Dreams: @KarlDetkenProDJ: Is the #QuotesToSpinBy hashtag your creation?

KarlDetkenProDJ: @1200Dreams: Yes. Inspired from seeing @DaveClark’s quote: “I may B established but I’ll never B establishment”. Sometimes Djs have Pearls of Wisdom πŸ˜‰

1200Dreams: @KarlDetkenProDJ: How rude, I didn’t ask you to tell us about u. Who are u, what do u do, & some minor detail about something called the CDJ?

KarlDetkenProDJ: @1200Dreams: For the last 18 yrsI’ve been Pioneer designer/planner/marketer 4 all DJ products. Maybe u heard of the CDJ or DJM? πŸ˜‰

1200Dreams: @KarlDetkenProDJ: CDJ? DJM? Sounds vaguely familiar. More on that later. Back to #QuotesToSpinBy. What’s the motivation? The inspiration?

KarlDetkenProDJ: @1200Dreams: As I started 2 get in2 Twitter I found that th people “I” enjoyed follwing had mor 2 say than just promoting themselves or their product.

KarlDetkenProDJ: @1200Dreams: They shared their thoughts, ideas, lives, passions. So I also wanted 2 b more than a talking head. More than a geek sharing tech ideas.

KarlDetkenProDJ: @1200Dreams: I started 2 treat Twitters as my own magazine & ME as the editor. U have 2 give ppl a reason 2 come back

1200Dreams: @KarlDetkenProDJ: Not all the quotes are about DJing or music per say. How do you equate your quotes to what a DJ does in the booth?

KarlDetkenProDJ: @1200Dreams: I started w/DJ quotes but found a lack profound wisdom coming from my spinning brothers πŸ˜‰ j/k Ther r lots o great comments frm ProDJs

KarlDetkenProDJ: @1200Dreams: I did want more tho so I started 2 include quotes that could still b applied 2 ur music, DJ career or 4 that matter life

1200Dreams: @KarlDetkenProDJ: Do you feel that there’s a lack inspiration in the industry right now? Especially since it seems everyone’s a DJ these days?

KarlDetkenProDJ: @1200Dreams: DJ’ing HAS become easier 2get in2. However I believe that the more people there are expressing an art form the more it will grow & evolve

1200Dreams: @KarlDetkenProDJ: Wow, great answer. But seriously, IS everyone a DJ these days?

KarlDetkenProDJ: @1200Dreams: Seems like it at times however I still believe as long as there are dancers that wanna dance,… u can never have enough DJs

1200Dreams: @KarlDetkenProDJ: Even better reply! You’re good at this. You sould consider this a career.

1200Dreams: @KarlDetkenProDJ: Speaking of which what’s w/ these CDJ things? Did u ever expect the CDJ’s to be so game changing?

KarlDetkenProDJ: @1200Dreams: we thought theyd do good but nevr expected it 2 take ovr the world. 3 yrs ago we surpassed 1mil sold worldwide. True blessing

1200Dreams: @KarlDetkenProDJ: Kinda crazy how u went from Guitar Hero to DJ Hero Not the trajectory most would expect How did that happen (in 140 char)?

KarlDetkenProDJ: @1200Dreams: 140chctrs 2 explain my life?! Easier if ppl jst watch video frm@MobileBeat’s DJ Hall of Fame cermony http://bit.ly/aWstHd

1200Dreams: @KarlDetkenProDJ: Yeah, kinda put u on the spot there. But, like I said, yer good. So, how has MP3 DJ’ing impacted the CDJ?

KarlDetkenProDJ: @1200Dreams: Mp3/DVS have def become a standrd & thts y Pioneer just released #CDJ2000/900. I feel they bridge th gap 4all types DJs

1200Dreams: @KarlDetkenProDJ: Yes CDJ2000 are out to revolutionize the game! The DJ community thanks u Hows the reception/feedback so far/Whats in store?

KarlDetkenProDJ: @1200Dreams: #CDJ2000’s r sold out so if that’s any indication they r off 2 a good start. Pios quality & ingenuity is wht DJs appreciate

KarlDetkenProDJ: @1200Dreams: if I told u wht Pioneer #DJhas 2come I’d hav 2 kill u then Japanese Mafia would kill me. All I can say cool stuff coming @WMC

1200Dreams: @KarlDetkenProDJ: On that note, lets talk bout another revolutionary tool. what’s your reason to be on Twitter? Business, pleasure, or both?

KarlDetkenProDJ: @1200Dreams: 1st it was biz but now it’s taken on a life of its own and I treat it as my way to keep connected 2 the dance world I luv.

KarlDetkenProDJ: @1200Dreams: w/the ease of Twittering on iPhone BB Android it’s a 24/7 way to hear frm the world & talk back2 it. No other medium has evr had this power

1200Dreams: @KarlDetkenProDJ: I mean, really, how useful can Twitter be? Share one story of how Twitter has helped you in a positive way.

KarlDetkenProDJ: @1200Dreams: Frm Pioneer stnd pnt Twittr is why #CDJ2000 made#1 on AP NewsWire & helpd get over 300k views on YouTube &now SoldOut

1200Dreams: @KarlDetkenProDJ: Do you think the 140-character limit is a positive thing, by helping people get to their points? Or, is it instead a limita

KarlDetkenProDJ: @1200Dreams Done right, it’s better. Ppl now a days have ltd x & want u 2 get 2 the point. If more nfo is requird then include a link.

1200Dreams: @KarlDetkenProDJ: Tell the truth u really sell stolen DJ equipment from the trunk of your car, right? Really, can I get a pair of CDJ2000’s!

KarlDetkenProDJ: @1200Dreams: It goes 2 fund th illegal M&M trade cartel πŸ˜‰ Green M&M’s R still th most valuable on th black market. Ur CDJs r in the mail πŸ˜‰

1200Dreams: @KarlDetkenProDJ: No? U playin w/me? Very well This Twitterview is done Peace! For real THANK U for takin time for this Almost as good 2 CDJs

KarlDetkenProDJ: @1200Dreams: Thanks 4 the interest and keep up the good work at 1200Dreams. Just 1 thing. Can you change your name 2 CDJ2000Dreams?

1200Dreams: @KarlDetkenProDJ: Hmm, that’ll cost you 2 CDJs AND A JOB for Pioneer! Ha..I’m serious. I’ll have my people talk to your people! Thanks again!

1200Dreams: Aight my 1st #TWITTERVIEW done Thnx to @KarlDetkenProDJ for his patience & makin it fun! Er1 else make sure 2 chk & join www.1200dreams.com

So, that’s how it went down. And I must say, Karl was a great sport. Neither of us had done this before, so we went over the questions beforehand. Even though I threw some unplanned ones his way, he took it with stride and showed why he is so respected by so many all over the world. He is definitely a pro and someone you can easily learn from. Many thanks to Karl for his openness and graciousness.

Also thanks to Twitter, for, well, being Twitter.

Check out this video presentation of Karl Detken upon his induction into the Mobile Beat Hall of Fame in February of this year.

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