INTERVIEW: Kaye-Ree On Breathing “New Air” and the Frequency 432 Khz

INTERVIEW: Kaye-Ree On Breathing “New Air” and the Frequency 432 Khz

On a cold wet February day in Cannes the bustle of international visitors at the 2014 MIDEM Expo was suddenly brought to a calming halt when I was greeted by a smiling a beautiful woman gracing the floor at Palais des Festival with her shining golden skin and bright blue eyes framed by a baby blue and aqua silk scarf.

Kaye-Ree, Persian/German singer/songwriter, along with her partner musicians, Felix Justen on classical guitar and Kiomars Nawab on the tabla opened their set with her modern classic “Natural High!” Elegant, spiritual, transcendent and still firmly grounded on planet earth are just a few words to describe the Kaye-Ree. Two days later, in the rather clandestine and intimate “Cotton Club” I was able to revisit the neo-classic diva in a cozy private setting for a welcoming full set of Kaye-Ree. Tune in… Kaye-Ree is making her way to you one breath at time with her new release “New Air” released on her independent label “Reelement Records.”

Can you describe your early gravitation towards music? What instruments are you most in tune with?

First, I started of as being a ballet/jazz/hip hop -dancer from age 4 on and sang in a choir. I never learned any instrument except the flute and have recently started to learn the bass. Nowadays I write my music mostly to the guitar though.

You are quite eclectic in your music. Is there a notable path that is responsible for this fusion?

My roots are Soul, R’nB and HipHop, my guitarist and co-composer is a classical trained guitarist. My Tabla player is trained in Indian classic, but both are fusing their classical style with my soulful flavour. So, I guess, that´s what you hear…but none of our music is written with a particular intention other than bringing a positive message across and do music that we feel good about.

Can you tell me about the first song that you have ever written?How it was inspired? How long did it take? What was your process?

My first song ever written was a birthday song for my grandmother as a 7 year old! Hahaha! The first song I wrote together with my guitarist was inspired by my realisation that a lot of things in this world are backwards. It was called “Our world is upside down”. It never got released but we might pick it back up. Our writing process has always been the same: Felix Justen plays a melody on the guitar and what ever mood that puts me in or what ever kind of vibe I pick up from him, I write about. Then we record it with my phone or my computer and keep working on details until we like to take it to the stage.

How has your songwriting process evolved? Who were the instrumental figures that have been pivotal in your path? Any tributes to pay?

I try to give positive messages in my songs nowadays. In the past I complained more about certain things that bothered me, today I offer solutions to myself and others. Instrumentals I used on my first record “Endless Melody” were partly produced by one of my former producers DJ Opossum of the WEGOTSOUL Crew, which were old school HipHop beats. The other songs I composed with my guitarist Felix Justen. For our second album “New Air” I only went with the songwriting of Felix Justen and me. He definitely is my most constant and favourite songwriting partner so far. We just click so well and seem to have a very common way of feeling music.

Your recent release “New Air”… What does this title signify to you? Are they changes you are currently celebrating?

Originally the song was written about a separation in a relationship. At the same time we separated from our former independent label and started our own “Reelement Records”. So, lots of changes were going on around that time and it fit well as a name for the new album. It has such a positive and new vibe!

What is your vision for Kaye-Ree? Where do you see yourself in five years?

In 5 years I see myself releasing my fourth album, being on tour internationally and supporting other artists with my label “Reelement Records”. I want to give them a platform to fulfil their dreams on an independent level. Apart from that I would like to have my own clothing line and support kids who need guidance and help, maybe by opening a home for children.

On the frequency 432 khz… Can you tell us more about this? Is this naturally occurring frequency in humans something that can become off-balance? If so, are there methods for tuning one’s self to it?

The 432kHz frequency we recorded our album “New Air” in, is equivalent to our natural body frequency as well as earth’s frequency. You usually find it in meditational music as well as being used in music therapy, since the body and soul reacts to it in a more natural and harmonious way than music on a higher frequency. The music we hear on the radio is usually produced in 440kHz or higher and has a different effect on our body. We figured, since we want people to feel good listening to our music, we might as well use the natural frequency and work positively on a subliminal level with the soul of our listeners. The positive feedback we receive from most people that have bought the album shows that we made the right decision! People use our music very often to get themselves in a better mood, to relax and even to put their babies to sleep!

Are there any causes that you are inspired to represent support or shed light on?

I would like to support charity organisations that help kids in this world, like e.g. “alma terra” who are based in Hamburg, Germany and travel internationally to build playgrounds for kids in countries like Afghanistan or Zanzibar etc.

Is there anything you would like to freely express to the readers?

I would like to inspire people to enjoy life more, don´t let the media influence and scare them so much, think more for themselves than believing everything they hear about politics, diseases, causes for catastrophes, economical crises etc. Take good care of yourself and the people around you and stay open minded and optimistic. We are all responsible for one another! Even though we often don´t think about the bigger picture, we are all living on this planet for a reason! Live and learn from one another! I guess, I could go on and on…just follow the simple but very effective basics of Zarathustra: Think well, speak well and act well!

What is your preferred way for your audience to connect with Kaye-Ree?

Go to, like the page and write me a message or to [email protected]. Or come to my concerts and speak to me afterwards when I come out to talk to the audience.


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