Andy Dick Takes To Trapeze At Mark Farina Party
November 29, 2010

Andy Dick Takes To Trapeze At Mark Farina Party

If you’re familiar with Andy Dick at all, it’s probably due to some of his crazy antics such as punching a photographer or getting arrested more so than for any of his TV shows or movies, but drunk, on a trapeze, at a club? Well, you can add that to the list because that is exactly what happened over the weekend at Hollywood’s famous Supper club.

While Mark Farina was spinning records, Andy managed to spin himself and really get into the swing of things by strapping himself into a trapeze contraption and “performing” above a sea of revelers. Thankfully, someone caught this latest antic on tape for our viewing pleasure.

To be fair, in defense of Supper Club’s management and Andy’s sanity, there is no official word on whether he was in fact drunk, which is not much of a surprise as he is pretty crazy without liquor in his system. Nevertheless, all you need to confirm Andy is in fact one crazy nut is to view the video. It is obvious in it, he has no training as he pitifully spins, almost 15 feet in the air, over a sea of party people throwing their hands up, this time for an entirely new reason, to touch a flying Dick.

Anyway, here are two videos of Andy being, well, Andy.




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