Bieber Going DubStep? Say It Aint So!
November 2, 2011

Bieber Going DubStep? Say It Aint So!

Dubsteps fuckedGood thing about getting recognition is that people finally pay attention to you. Bad thing? When people with no true love or understanding of what you’re offering start bitting and otherwise co-opting your flavors for thier own means!

First it was Paris, and her sudden desire to be a House DJ, now Justin Bieber is reportedly going in on a dubstep album! I can hear the screams already. No, not the screams of young girls in love with the Beebs, but of true Dubstep fans suddenly aware that their young genre is likely going to shit, now that Bieber is joining its ranks. This can’t be good.

Source of this sad news, right here!

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