Bring The Bass Home With The Subpac

Bring The Bass Home With The Subpac

I remember back in the day when going to clubs like Limelight, the Tunnel, Webster Hall, and many other New York clubs, sometime during the nite making my way to the floor speakers. Many of these monstrosities, some upwards of 5 feet tall, had a big open space in the front of the cabinet from which would emanate the most bombastic bass you have ever heard, no wait, felt, in your life. Calmly, happily, and perhaps foolishly I, and many others I’m sure, would sit in this deep, warm crevice for the purpose of feeling that bass reverberate through our bones. Hearing the music is one thing, but feeling it like this? There is nothing like it. At least until now.

Apparently some genius engineer slash music lover and someone I’m absolutely sure sat in the warm bosom of a massive club speaker as well, has created a new product that aims to provide that same feeling of bass reverberating through your bones as a speaker cabinet without the actual speaker or club. I love this product already!

Called the Subpac, this product is simply a backpack that packs a punch. Or as they put it, the SubPac is a “patent-pending tactile audio technology” that “transfers low frequencies directly to your body and provides you with a new physical dimension to the music experience”. In other words with the Subpac you will feel the “boom of a kick drum, the warmth of an 808, the organic expression of a bassist and the richness of soundscapes”.

The Subpac is meant for more than simply creating an immersive environment for spectators of the bass. Producers and DJs can use Subpac to monitor low frequencies, experience a track/mix as if it were being played in a club system, and it’s portable, so producing on the go will be taking on a whole new feeling.

What is also awesome about the Subpac is that it doesn’t make a sound. You won’t bother anyone else with this contraption. Just strap it on, plug it in, press play, and transport yourself to that sweet spot of the massive club speaker; and all without hurting your hearing. Isn’t that wonderful?

George Clinton on the Subpac

Ok, you know you want one, check out the official site where you can order one of two versions for $350 here.