Traktor X1 Is Coming. You Ready?
July 29, 2013

Traktor X1 Is Coming. You Ready?

Traktor keeps improving on their lot of heavy duty DJ hardware, and their newly redesigned and remixed Kontrol X1 is keeping that tradition alive! Like the older XI and even the F1 and the Z1, this lil monster might have a small footprint, but it comes packing some serious power.

This X1 promises to lite up DJ booths and parties all over with many of the awesome features you’ve come to love and expect from Traktor such as full control of your existing decks and Traktor software, and how can you not love those big glorious RGB back-lit buttons that make sure you never lose site of where you are in the mix no matter how dark the DJ booth. The X1 however comes with a lil something extra you’re going to want to get your hands, well, more like your fingers, on right away.

The new tactile touch strip allows you to nudge your tracks, “drop” a needle wherever you want on a track, pitch bend, access to playback functions, and of course, helps you rock loops and fx, all without ever having to touch your decks.

I could list more, but frankly, I’m too giddy and besides, Traktor will do a much better job than I ever could. I will say however, the X1 drops August 1, so peep the video and get ready to go shopping!

For a full list of specs and more check out the official Kontrol X1 page here.

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