REMIX CULTURE: Fan Made Akira Trailer Inspires
May 15, 2014

REMIX CULTURE: Fan Made Akira Trailer Inspires

Fan made Akira trailer

I don’t know about you, but from the first time I saw Akira back in the 90’s, back when it was all but a mythical creation that whisked all who watched it away to the high tech future of our dreams -or nightmares depending on how you look at it- I have always had a soft spot for it. This was before the Internet was mainstream, or cell phones for that matter, before wide screen TVs, shit, I didn’t even have a desktop!

Anyway, soft spot be damned, but this live-action fan made trailer of Akira whisks me right back to that high tech world, and I’ll be damned if it still doesn’t strike a nerve. Though now that I’m older, I’m not sure this future will necessarily be a better one. Trailer’s still cool though.

Oh and a little message to Hollywood: stop fighting and watch. THIS is how you do a proper AKIRA!




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