REMIX CULTURE: How To Dance To EDM … Or Not
March 18, 2014 Share

REMIX CULTURE: How To Dance To EDM … Or Not

It’s too bad the killing off of net neutrality might be putting an end to the Internet as we know it! In case you are wondering what is net neutrality, it essentially means watching videos such as the ones I’ve compiled here just might be an expensive proposition for most of us in the future.

See, the major corps have taken control of the lines that bring us the Internet and this means they will throttle (geek speed for slow down) your Internet speeds (if current reports are to be believed, they’re already doing this), and slice and dice the web in such a way it will mirror the cable TV model. In other words, the web will be split into “packages;” want more and faster access to more sites, you’ll have to cough up more moola. Get it?

Sorry for getting sidetracked from the original purpose of this point, which believe it or not was intended to be humorous! It’s just that I’ve been readng a lot about net neutrality lately and it just irks me! But, let’s move on shall we?

These days dance music is mainstream and DJs are rock stars, but not everyone wants to be a DJ, some people just want to dance, like the people in these videos. Then again, I’m not sure that is what the geniuses who created these funny videos had in mind when they took already hilarious, unexplainable, or totally unrelated videos and dubbed some cool EDM tunes over them! Or better yet, what would it look like if you took actually good dancer or ravers and changed the music they were dancing too? Prepare for hilarity. We need it!

How To Dance At An Outdoor Drum&Bass Rave

Drunk Latinos dancing to dubbed over Hardstyle

Crazy Russian Party

Celtic Walk

Dansje doen @ Awakefest 2013 (Hilly Bill)