February 1, 2011


Kool Herc, born Clive Campbell, is widely credited as the man who put Hip Hop on the map, no scratch that, created it. It was he who hosted and spun records at the party where it is said the all the elements came together and Hip Hop culture actually got its start. It was in a rec room of a building located at 1520 Sedgwick Avenue in the Bronx, New York on August 11, 1973 where the culture many the world over have come to know as Hip Hop was born.

Kool Herc is the creator of the “Merry Go Round” where he would isolate the breaks in a song and extend it by playing it on two turntables, he also gave the stage to the Emcee’s, now known as Rappers, and coined the term B-Boys to the cats doing what is now called Breakdancing, that would swarm his parties. Many were inspired by this culture and many went on to make a name for themselves as platinum selling artists and in Hollywood as well. Kool Herc however, has for the most part remained on the sidelines.

Kool Herc never had the spotllite shine on him as much as it did those who too benefited from the culture he started, and now, at the age of 55, in debt and bad health, he needs our help.

Thankfully, contrary to initial reports, Kool Herc is not gravely ill, but, he has bad Kidney stones which he needs removed. Sadly, however, he cannot afford it due to his already large medical bills.

DJ Premier who broke the story has been spreading the word, which has made Kool Herc a trending topic on Twitter and the topic of the moment on sites all over the world over the last few days. As early as this morning, word has hit that his medical bills are being taken care of due to this outpouring of love from Hip Hop heads the world over, but he is not out of the woods, and honestly, he shouldn’t be in such a situation to begin with.

So, if you want to help the founding father of Hip Hop, and are in New York, there will be a fundraiser at the Sutra Lounge today Tuesday February 1. I suggest you research more info about the event. Due to the sudden organization of the event and an impending snow storm, you never know what may happen.

If you cannot make it to New York or don’t want to deal with the storm and still want to lend a hand, you can send Kool Herc some help directly here: Kool Herc Production PO Box 20472 Huntington Station, NY 11746.




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