Djay 2 Aims To Retain Its Spot As Leading DJ App

Djay 2 Aims To Retain Its Spot As Leading DJ App

The choices DJs have these days to take their skill set to the world of tablets simply keeps growing. Just two weeks ago Serato dropped their new Serato Remote app, a few weeks prior to that there was Traktor DJ, and there are a lot more dj apps out there. As fierce as competition is, it is not going to scare away one of the first DJ app makers, Algoriddim from releasing a new update to one of the best selling music apps in the Apple ecosystem, djay.

Djay 2 for iOS, comes with a slew of new and unique features which promise to keep it at the top of the heap as far as dj apps go. The famous and much loved turntable view is there, but with some major improvements such as the HD Waveform which analyzes a track and presents it in a parallel, color coded waveform that allows for more precise awareness and control of the different parts of a song. In fact, you can interact with the waveform in two ways; the aforementioned parallel waveforms or the ones baked right into the vinyl “records” themselves.

As is becoming standard practice now among the big equipment guys, drumpads are becoming standard fair, and in this case djay doesn’t hold back either. Big colorful drumpads allow you to sample directly from songs your playing or trigger pre-bundled or your own sound fx.

Another new feature is the Beat Grids for fine tuning your beat markers and for better mixing. Speaking of which, if you want to let dJay do the mixing for you, they have refined the sync mode, now called Perfect Sync, you know, in case you’re into that sort of thing.

But wait, there’s more. Another brand new feature are the new slip and slice modes, one turns the beats in the waveform into temporary hot cues and the other lets you scratch without losing the beat.

Cueing, track preview, history, and full screen options are other brand new features in this version of dJay, all of which promise to make this already pretty cool app, even better. Oh, and let’s not forget it is compatible with a variety of hardware controllers from Numark, Pioneer, Vestax, Philips, Griffin, and more.

They’ve also completely redid their music library which allows for swipe gestures for easily adding songs to a playlists and a nite mode so you don’t have to contend with that blaring glow that exposes your face in an otherwise dark dj booth.

Amazingly, all this comes at a whopping $4.99 price tag -I swear you kids these days have no idea how lucky you are!! For more info and a full list of specs, check the official page here and if you want to buy it, then feel free to click here.

Now cue the customary promo video with high octane EDM and someone way more skilled then you’ll ever be do things with this app that may or may not be real. I kid, all this is real, right?

Have you experienced djay 2 or any other dj app?

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