Is Steve Aoki Really Using Pirated Software?

Is Steve Aoki Really Using Pirated Software?

You have to love the power of the Internet, or at least be very aware of it. It has the power to free us, open doors for us that we never imagined possible, or it can get us in a whole heap of trouble.

Just look at what we wrote earlier this week about some very serious and potentially damaging allegations against Timmy Regisford. It all began on Twitter, everyone’s favorite go to destination for spilling the beans. Now, it’s Steve Aoki’s turn.

Someone with keen ass vision and most likely watching on the Internet (there is no proof of this, but come on, it’s not like it appeared on MTV, right?) managed to spot something in Steve Aoki’s latest video teaser to his upcoming single “The Light That Never Comes” featuring Linkin Park that wasn’t right, ok, doesn’t appear “legal.” He quickly created a screen capture and posted said finding on Reddit for the world to see.

What did he see exactly? A quick :23 seconds into the video a computer screen makes a brief appearance and if you stop the video you can clearly see -no wait, it’s blurry or my eyesight is really beginning to wane- the words “Team Arcade” written on a certain section of the software where the license holders name usually goes. And that’s where the fun begins.

Since, I’m no longer a 14 year old hacking off at my computer all day and more a soon to be 40 year old whacking, er, my keyboards (food gets stuck in between them), I have no idea who Team Arcade is. Long story short (too late perhaps), they are a notorious software cracking team. So basically, Steve Aoki who raked in an estimated $14 million over the last year thus placing him as the tenth-richest DJ by Forbes, is allegedly using a pirated copy of Sylenth 1, a music production program that costs a whopping $186 $139. Aint that a bitch?

No word from Aoki or his camp, nor Lennar Digital the makers of the software in question, but we’ll keep you posted and put any news we get on blast. In the meantime, watch the video, exhibit A, for yourself.

UPDATE: After reconsideration, I thought it important to say that there is no telling the pc in the video is even Aoki’s. It could belong to another producer or engineer.

What do you think, is Steve Aoki the 10th richest DJ in the world too cheap or is there someother explanation?

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