NAMM DAY 1: Numark Bursts Out of The Gate
January 19, 2012

NAMM DAY 1: Numark Bursts Out of The Gate

It’s only day one of NAMM and already we have been blessed with some other worldly goodness, and leading the pack so far, at least for DJs is Numark. But this is only day one, and there will be a lot more goodies coming down the pipeline, so let’s stay calm and more importantly tuned in.

Of course there is much more than DJ equipment on display, there are all types of new toys for all types of musicians. This is just a tiny collection of the latest offerings for DJs at display at NAMM and that have hit the net since they opened the doors at 8am this morning Pacific time.

If you start looking into your checking account at some point, do not tell your wives you learned about it here or she’ll block you! Of course, you can dream of gear tonite, she can’t block that right?

The 4Track, which was leaked last week due to slick tongues, brings the quality and feature set we’ve come to expect from Numark controllers, except this one is made for the other dominating DJ software in the game, Traktor!

The built in FX KOMMAND CONSOLE brings you the sweet effects and filters Traktor is known for, the platters are bi-colored, rotating LEDs with “3600 ticks of resolution per rotation” and, well, I could keep quating from their product description but if you use Traktor, I have a feeling you’re already peeping this one out. With a street price of $1099, it’s also within reach for many!

Ok, this right here made my jaw drop to the ground when I first saw it. The Numark MPCDJ has an AKAI branded collection of 16 lighted pads in its center! Now, we know most DJs these days are producers as well or aspiring to be, and plenty of outboard gear such as beatmachines and the like have made their way into many a DJs set, but this right here marries the two worlds together in a way we have never seen before.

Questions abound: is the MPC in this mixer more MPC lite than the fully featured experience you get on an actual MPC? Can the pads serve as cue points? How much will it cost? Hey, we don’t know yet, it’s just the first day of NAMM people!

Since we’re talking about MPC, let me introduce you to this next piece of hardware sure to cause a few eargasms out there. It is not another controller, but instead another new member to the AKAI MPC family, yes folks, we’re talking trifecta here!

We reported on the MPC Renaissance over a week ago. Then word leaked about the MPC Studio, a direct compitor to iMaschine. Well, for AKAI’s MPC, it truly is a renaissance with the unveiling of the MPC FLY.

This bad boy is designed specifically for use with the iPad 2. In fact, I’m not sure if it comes with it or is sold separately, but there is a fitted case in which you can fit your iPad; not only does it allow you to keep using your iPad like you normaly would, but when you’re ready, you can essentially set up a studio where ever you are!

The MPC FLY has the 16 iconic backlit genuine MPC pads as well as features from its granddaddy such as Note Repeat & MPC Swing. And there’s an MPC FLY app in the mix too though I haven’t found it in the app store yet.

Back to controllers. Remember that last piece we wrote about how the future of iOS DJing is here because of the soon to be released iRig Mix? Well, scratch that. Don’t get me wrong, it’s cool, and like I said, quite possibly creates an entirely new catagory, but the iDJPro simply takes it further, and thus the cake.

Yes, there have been controllers before that you can use with your iPhones and iPads, as I pointed out in said article, but never like this. The iDJPro shares some aesthethics with some other Numark controllers but this one has a cozy spot where you slip an iPad comfortably into its center console for you to rock. It runs a special custominzed version of iDjay and features round knobs for each decks volume control instead of a traditional fader. But, like the NS7 it appears to have two 7″ vinyl platters. Of course the vinyl is strictly for show, but I for one welcome them.

Now, like much new gear, the fact that it’s new and shiny and oh so purty can easily make us drool, such is the case with the iDJPro. But I’m still not convinced such a device can make it as a real bonafide club worthy piece of DJ gear. I don’t know, maybe that’s just me, but hey Numark, I’m still drooling!

Speaking of bonafide piece of DJ gear! Pioneer has released a limited edition all white version of their real deal Holyfield CDJ2000 and the DJM900 mixer. Nothing to report on spec wise as all remains the same, they’re just white.

Controllers are great, but this is something you might actually see at a real club being handled by a real Super Star DJ. In fact, count on it, you know how stars love “exclusives”!


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