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R.I.P Barry Gibb (pictured center) of the Bee Gees

Another Disco superstar has died. Robin Gibb, one third of the Disco super group the Bee Gees has succumbed to that most dreadful of diseases, Cancer.

Gibb will always be remembered for his part in the Bee Gees, which he co-founded, the biggest British group ever after the Beatles. No one will forget his awesome vibrato, a voice for which he is considered one the “best white soul voices ever”.

The Bee Gees who came to fruition during the first British Invasion had a successful career during the later part of the 60’s. Robin even embarked on a solo career. But the brothers, who always had a love for black music, really hit it big in the 70’s when it all came together for them with the album ‘Saturday Night Live’. This album all but over shadowed the success they had until then, catapulting them into the pop culture history books and making them wild haired and hairy chested icons of the Disco era.

If you grew up in the 70’s or 80’s you were either a fan of the Bee Gees or you hated them for taking Disco to the pop masses. Either way, you were familiar with them, you simply couldn’t avoid them.

It should go without saying, especially since I said it just a few days ago after the passing of Donna Summer, but in this day and age when things move so fast, it is worth repeating, and that is that today’s dance music owes a lot to Disco, and Robin Gibb was a major part of that.

If you are a fan of all things EDM, then recognize that with the passing of Robin, we have lost one of our elders, a member of our family. This is undeniable. As is the impact he left behind.

With the passing of Robin, only one Bee Gees remains, Barry. We send him our love and prayers as well as our condolences to Robin’s wife and children, and to the world of music.

R.I.P Robin!

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