Terror At Boston Marathon – Hate Within
April 16, 2013

Terror At Boston Marathon – Hate Within

Once again, terror has reared its ugly head to remind us that we live in a brand new world, one full of turmoil, hate, death, and violence, and we won’t be rid of it anytime soon.

As I watch and read the news reports on TV and online, I realize that the scale of what is truly happening, the core causes of all of this is quite possibly something I will never understand. I wonder aloud how people could be so ignorant, so angry, so full of hate. Than I am reminded when I read the comments left just underneath so many of the news stories we all read.

I usually don’t respond to those trolls that get off annoying our every move, post, or comment online, but when it’s so called regular Americans posting such ill contrived hate in the comments sections of news coverage of horrific events such as yesterdays bombing, when it’s the average Joe and Mary that can’t resist turning the most tragic of events into a platform for their small minded thinking, I can’t help but get upset.

So, to Bob, Mary, Jim and all you who simply can’t catch your tongue and need to blame everything on Obama’s presidency, “foreigners,” or your distrust of anyone a shade darker than you, this is for you.

First and foremost, you are part of the problem! The fact that after such an event as yesterdays you so quickly pull back the curtain hiding your true ignorant selves and feel emboldened enough to spew the shit that comes out of your mouth is all the proof I need to know that the enemies of peace among us are not just ignorant and brainwashed terrorists, but also fellow Americans. Americans who actually believe, as strongly as these terrorists do in their cause, that the founding principles this country was built on only apply to a certain race, creed, party, class, or individuals who carry a particular document.

These same people seem to posses a knowledge of history that only goes back to the moments before the black guy became president and are quick to blame all our current ills on him, yet they seem to have forgotten all the errors, blunders, and straight out lies the previous one(s) made. But this isn’t about casting blame or pointing fingers. Fact is, no one is perfect, not this President and surely not the last. The President is only human. The colored people you so quickly want to dismiss and expel from this country are also only human, with families, dreams, and desires just like everyone else – and let’s not skip over the fact that all of us are “foreigners” on this land to begin with.

As for the terrorists, as much as we loath them they have a story too. I don’t want to hear it at the moment, but I will not blindly start hating everyone who even remotely looks “alien” to me, and definitely not my fellow Americans, because of the actions of a few bad people. I will not allow hate to consume my heart like that.

You cannot fight hate with hate, it doesn’t matter who or what the color or the party of the President is, we are all in this shit together and pouring salt on the wound by spewing your ignorance won’t help a damn thing.

For once in your miserable yet fortunate lives have compassion for someone that is not directly related to you, looks like you, practices the same religion or is the same political party as you. Open your arms or at least your mind to a world view that reaches out beyond your backyard.

If all this is too much to ask, than can you at least just shut up and let America grieve? You can get back to your hate tomorrow, the Internet will be waiting.

In the meantime, the rest of us sane thinking people will be praying for Boston, our country, and the world.




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