What DJs Do These Days… The Showdown
May 2, 2014

What DJs Do These Days… The Showdown

I just came across the latter of the 2 videos posted below this morning. I just wanted to laugh, cuz you know, I appreciate DJ humor; it’s healthy to laugh at ourselves. But then I found out that said video was in response to one made a few weeks ago, which, if the description is correct, was made by none other than Art Department, whom I love!

Now, I’m all for laughing at DJ’s, but I was surprised that Kenny Glasgow and Jonny White, two laidback and extremely cool dudes would go at other DJs like that, making this whole thing a lil less funny and a lot more sad.

I don’t know, maybe I’m over thinking it. On second thought, this ish is hilarious! If you hate DJs and don’t get what they do then be on your way. Real DJs and their fans know, it isn’t all a fascade – well, some of it is, but not all! Long live the DJ!


Part II




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