Avicii Puts House To Work To Help The Hungry
January 11, 2012 Share

Avicii Puts House To Work To Help The Hungry

He could simply be sitting back in a jet plane as he jet sets around the globe partying his ass off, instead Avicii, one of the biggest DJs in the game, and who we happened to feature just this week in our current and first DJ of the Week for 2012, has instead commited himself to a tour to raise money for a noble cause, feeding the hungry.

What’s more suprising is that the Swedish DJ is not raising money for some war torn country in Africa, but for the super power that is US, meaning, the U.S. As the embedded video below shows -or you could just look around you- the stats are staggering; America, the most powerful nation on Earth has an issue feeding its own, even as we sends millions of pounds of food abroad almost every year due to war, natural disasters, and the like.

We should definitely never stop helping those less fortunate than us, but we surely have to recognize that some of the less fortunate are right here, among us. Avicii is not from here, but he saw that and so moved was he, he joined forces with Feeding America and came up with a master plan; go on tour and raise $1 million dollars and give it all to charity.

In what they are calling “The ‘Live Aid’ of Electronica”, House For Hunger is going to hit 25 venues across the country in the span of 26 days!

It would be much better if we weren’t in this predicament to begin with, but we are, so if you ever wanted to see Avicii live, this is a great time to do so; not only will you be seeing a great show, you’ll be partying for a good cause.





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