What Is Cosmic Opera?

What Is Cosmic Opera?

A mysterious video appeared on the Internet yesterday which is creating a buzz among the Dance loving underground. As well it should, besides being billed as a “revolutionary music experience” they are also promising it’s going to be an “extrasensory Dance event”!

What is Cosmic Opera exactly? Well, currently it’s an enigma encased in a mystery, wrapped in a riddle. What we do know comes mainly from the video embedded below, one sentence on their official site, and the few replies they’ve posted on their Twitter account, which also just launched yesterday.

I wish I could tell you more, but whoever is behind whatever Cosmic Opera is, sure knows how to tease us. And make no mistake about it, they are indeed purposefully teasing us, promising to unveil more info about this mysterious event as the hashtag #Cosmicopera reaches trending topic status on Twitter. Or 49,745 Tweets. Or whichever comes first, I’m not sure exactly.

The video features a man with a heavily tattooed face on the stage of a beautiful Opera house while a sweet damsel, seemingly following the sounds of an equally sweet Electronic music soundtrack walks towards him through a maze of dancers and expertly interspersed imagery of said damsel being rained upon by roses, Cirque Du Soleil like performers, and in a very, and I mean very brief millisecond, a DJ rig with CDJ’s in front of a crowd much like you would see at a DJ concert! All this concludes with the damsel in fact being a contortionist of sorts and posing alongside the tattooed face man in a very difficult, yet dare I say, erotic pose.

Note the videos states this is an “extrasensory event series” and the site says this is but Act One, so we can expect at least one more special event after the premier of Cosmic Opera in New York February 23 and 24.

Despite the scarce info and the short video, it lasts just over one minute, I’m sure you’ll be just as intrigued as we are.

Visit the official Cosmic Opera website here!