Black Coffee's AfricaRising Project Is Classic! [VIDEO]
December 5, 2011 Share

Black Coffee's AfricaRising Project Is Classic! [VIDEO]

In a move as classic as Black Coffee himself, the 1200Dreams’ 2010 DJ OF THE YEAR and who we interviewed here, is taking his music to an entirely new level, the classical one, lacing it with a 24-piece orchestra! Can you say Brilliant in any of South Africa’s 11 languages? Well, luckily, you don’t have to. All you have to do is listen once this sure to be classic production, literally and figuratively, drops, which will be in the form of a Live DVD being recorded on December 16. Want to go, you’ll have to go far, as it will be recorded live at Moses Mabhida stadium in South Africa!

Check out these videos of Black Coffee sharing some insight behind the project, as well as from the conductor, Brendan Jury, and of the orchestra rehearsing, these are short clips, but enough to give you chills

Performing live along with Black coffee and orchestra will be some of South Africa’s rising House music talent. Here’s a list:
Black Coffee’s AfricaRising
Low Deep T
Culoe De Song
Ralf GUM
Franck Roger
Dj Vinny Da Vinci
DJ Christos
DJ Strat3gy
Tim White
Andy X
Black Motion

For a more in-depth piece on this awesome project read here: