Preview My House Rocs – A Dance-A-mentary
December 6, 2011

Preview My House Rocs – A Dance-A-mentary

A group of creative, House loving industry friends of ours just dropped this preview to a documentary, no wait correction, dancementary on House music. Featuring big names such as Kenny Bobien, Wayne Williams, Louie Lou Gorbea, Da Jollirocka, Mr. V, and more, this is not just your ordinary, run of the mill doc, but one that focuses on House music’s role outside of the clubs and more on events held in parks, beaches, actually, I’ll let them tell it.

“My House Rocs is a dance-a-mentary (documentary) that focuses on House Music. It removes the dance experience from the confines of the box and plants it in the park, lays it on the beach and sets it in countless unexpected, exciting places.

This dance-a-mentary zooms in on outdoor House Music events in various locations; locally and globally. The adroit camera crew captures the passion and dedication of the DJ’s and promoters and the undisputable theme of love and unity that emanates from the speakers as well as the perspiration of the devoted tribe of dancers.

Part One kicks off with east coast contemporaries, while Part Two will showcase the heat that House Music creates throughout the world, including but not limited to Brazil, Spain, Africa and the UK.

The House Music community has been described as unique, unified, peace-loving and of course benevolent. It is our goal to share My House Rocs with the world! We are seeking funding to cover various expenses: travel, promotional, advertising etc.

Help us ignite a fire around the world and expand the freedom revolution of House Music.

Watch the preview and help them complete this project by visitng their website here!




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