Marketing Is Dead: Think & act like a DJ

Marketing Is Dead: Think & act like a DJ

Marketing Is Dead
Traditional marketing is dead, especially in the music space. Here are 5 reasons why…

(1) Even though fans are consuming more music than ever, they care less about owning and more about using (see: streaming)

(2) Fans are making their consumption decisions based on word-of-mouth and friend recommendations (see: social media)

(3) Today’s fan wants to be engaged and wants to interact (see: Deadmau5)

(4) Radio isn’t as relevant as it once was (see: youtube)

(5) In most cases, the marketers aren’t the target audience therefore, don’t create/communicate the proper messaging (see: major labels)

What will work….think and act like a DJ!

A confident, successful, and knowledgeable DJ knows how to a play to a (target) audience by…

Creating the proper and unique playlist (or messaging) for that audience.

Finding the “influencers”; scanning the venue (or inter web) for those who will ‘get the party started’.

Engaging the influencers on the platforms they utilize, such as the dance floor (or social media).

Studying crowd reactions (or metrics) to determine additional tracks (or content).

Building the community through additional tracks (consistent messaging).

There is no difference for a brand to think & act the same way. To shake up it’s marketing mix in order to create peak awareness and response.

Dusko Justic is a DJ, writer, and industry expert. Keep up with him here: