Marketing Lessons From Barack Obama
September 17, 2012 Share

Marketing Lessons From Barack Obama

Written By Dusko Justic

DJ ObamaWith less than three months remaining before the 2012 Presidential Election, I decided to take a look back on Barack’s marketing for his campaign and show how it can relate to your music brand. Whether you support Obama or not, there are some key engagement exercises below that can be used to grow a fan base and grow business.

Marketing lessons from Barack Obama

(1) Grassroots

There is a reason why Obama out-raised his opponents. He started his campaign at a local level, participating in conference calls, sponsored events, and house parties. In order to grow, it’s important to start your campaigns with your local community.

(2) Marketing via Social Media

Barack chose to deliver many of his messages via social media FIRST rather than utilize traditional media. In an age of shrinking budgets and fans yearning for interaction, social media is an effective and inexpensive way of communicating with your audience.

(3) Address your fans needs NOW

Obama always made it a point to address his voters problems. Before you talk about yourself, figure out what is it that your fan needs (or could use). Whether it’s a download, streaming, tickets, or merchandise, people will buy what they care about and want to access it, fast. When gaining a fans loyalty, it’s important that you provide an easy solution and one that’s relevant for your audience.

(4) Clear communication

On many occasions, Obama used the right platforms and content to communicate with his audience. As an artist or brand, you have a unique voice. Your fans want to hear your thoughts but it’s important that you communicate in a clear and concise way. Perhaps a little better than this 😉

(5) Empower community members

The Obama team enlisted fans and voters to help, giving them a call-to-action. Your fans are your best marketing. Keep them informed and give them the tools to spread your message.

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