Your Music Sucks – How Negative Reviews Can Be A Positive
September 25, 2012 Share

Your Music Sucks – How Negative Reviews Can Be A Positive

Your Music Sucks

Written By Dusko Justic

Getting a negative online review from a music fan or journalist is a great opportunity to have. It’s better than not getting any feedback at all.
The typical and easy response is to say ‘fuck off’ however, consider engaging with the negative comment in order to achieve…
Conversation: The person who posts a negative comment is a person you can talk to. Even though they’re angry (and potentially hateful), it’s an opportunity to engage.
Personality: Engaging…asking questions, communicating the creative process, and exchanging opinions shows that you/your company has a personality, not just a Facebook account. It’s the combination of great content and personality that will increase your fan base.
Analysis: Figure out what is it that upset them and keep it in the back of your mind when working on the next song/project. This could help you deliver an even better product next time around.
Conversion: It may not work every single time but, the engagement has the potential to convert this person into a fan. If this happens, they may become one your biggest supporters.
Broadcast: The engagement not only starts a potential relationship with that person, it also serves as a public discussion for other people (i.e. potential fans) to see.
One of the best things you can do for your brand/artist/company is to make sure that you put the truth out there for anyone who wants to hear it.
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