Nitelife Fails: Top 5 Dance Floor Fails – Ladies Edition [VIDEO]
December 7, 2011 Share

Nitelife Fails: Top 5 Dance Floor Fails – Ladies Edition [VIDEO]

I’m all for going out and having a good time, having a few drinks and letting loose on the dance floor, as I’m sure many of you are. But have you, or maybe it’s that one friend in the group, sometimes let loose a little too much?

Usually, the guys think they can breakdance like they used to back in the day, or they pick a fight, sometimes, with a bouncer – both end horribly. As for the ladies, well, I really do think every girl has a little bit of stripper inside of them, or maybe they just really need to hold on to something while they dance. Either way, it’s rarely a good look, and sadly, guys like it anyway.

I have to admit one nite me and a cousin were so blasted we decided to join the girls living out their stripper fantasies by dancing on a pole. Hey, maybe me and my cousin were living out some fantasy of our own, but we knew enough to end our charade before embarrasing ourselves any further. The girls however, were really into it and went to town on that pole. Thankfully, or sadly, depending on how you see, no one got hurt physically or emotionally on that nite, but that isn’t always the case. I introduce you to our carefully curated list of the Top 5 Ladies Dance Floor Fails. Ladies, learn from the best. Gentlemen, don’t laugh too hard, you’re up in the next edition!

Drunk on happiness!

She was feeling it. So did the barista!

Baby got no back, but she can fall back!

Grind and bump your back on the floor…

I give the pole work a 6. The fall, a 10!

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