‘No Selfie Control’ Puts Gay Rapper Cazwell On Top of His Game
October 31, 2013 Share

‘No Selfie Control’ Puts Gay Rapper Cazwell On Top of His Game

Written By Tania Fuentez

Those dreamy eyes and cheeky viral videos make Cazwell damn-near irresistible. Now the openly gay rapper/DJ gets all thought-provoking with his latest video available on iTunes _ which is garnering a lot of attention in the press.

“No Selfie Control is a song dedicated to anyone in the world that is or that ever has been deeply in love … with themselves!” Cazwell is quoted recently on the blog, The WOW Report. “The track is meant to poke humor at how self-obsessed people have become with their online image.”

A longtime fixture of NYC’s downtown underground scene, it doesn’t hurt that Cazwell is smokin’ hot with a razor-sharp sense of humor. He doesn’t take himself too seriously, though, and that’s something I certainly appreciate nowadays.

Kimye, you listening out there?


Cazwell: http://cazwell.com/

Cazwell’s VEVO channel: http://www.vevo.com/watch/cazwell/

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