ON THE SCENE: Mi Casa Makes Calle 12 Norte Su Casa
October 5, 2012
RescuePoetix (98 articles)

ON THE SCENE: Mi Casa Makes Calle 12 Norte Su Casa

Mi Casa kicked off the Columbus Day weekend festivities at Hotel In Fashion last night with the meet and greet “Do you wanna Boogie?” at street level while arrivals picked up their welcome packets and event passes. Familiar friends greeted one another with hugs and laughter while new friends milled about taking in the incredible energy they would become an integral part of within moments.

A video shoot was taking place, several in fact. Behind the check in table, a montage and interview segment took place. I was fortunate enough to have been picked to answer a few questions about my Mi Casa es Su Casa Holiday Season Finale experience.

As I reflect on the opening parties, it dawns on me that the one word I used to describe the Mi Casa experience holds true to form. There’s a spirituality here, inherent not only in the music, but in the location. The success of this Holiday depends not only on bookings. You have to believe in it, in the mission of bringing family (known and new) to this gathering of like minds and vision.

Do you wanna Boogie? gave the excited participants, who have traveled from various pockets of the earth, to unwind, mingle and learn what was yet to come. DJs in attendance were Boogie Libre (Chicago), Aaron Dae (NYC), Del (Philly) and Dirty (Philly). Dancers filled the dance floor and spilled out into the street, taking over Calle 12 Norte.

As day danced into night, Uhuru Afrika shouts ¡WEPA! dominated the main club area of La Santanera with Adam Gibbons (Boston), Max Pella (Boston), Antonio Ocasio (NYC), Jose Marquez (LA). There wasn’t a free spot to be had on the floor. I crammed my way to the DJ booth whenever possible. The energy enticed you there… The floor thumped and the walls hummed with a deep Afro-diasporatic rhythm that pulled dancers from within.

The rooftop of La Santanera bounced with a different flavor. DJ Peace (Chicago), DJ Cruzz (Boston), Aquabeat (NYC), Brent Crampton (Omaha) and Justice (NYC) carried the soulful House vibe into the night air. Vocals united the crowd into a single chorus, connecting everyone into one House.

The morning brought refreshing rains to cool the heated spirits…. Only to prepare us all for dancing at Cannibal Royal (Coco Beach) today for “Le Toca a Ella” … Make way for the queen….