Paris Hilton Pulls New House Track + Open Letter To Paris Hilton
February 29, 2012 Share

Paris Hilton Pulls New House Track + Open Letter To Paris Hilton

It almost pains me to write this, but such is the world of journalism, you must report on the good, the bad, and the ugly. The last two of those qualities, I must now bring to your attention.

As we reported a while back -though not long enough ago to forget- Paris Hilton is, or has been (I don’t know why but I like the sound of that better) working on a dance album, to be more specific, a House music album!

Well, word is she has one song in the bag and was all set to release it, but something happened. Apparently, a song was quielty posted to YouTube a few nites ago and just as quietly pulled off within 24 hours! Why?

Well, aside from the fact that Paris’ voice is like nails on chalkboard to anyone that is not a spoiled rich teenage girl, it appears that by working on an album, she meant looking through her iPod for music which rests within her range, which is apparently talking, and just ripping it off!

Ok maybe labeling it a rip-off is too harsh, people do remakes all the time, but still, what would you call doing a cover of a song that was literally released a few months ago, and basically doing the same.exact.thing? Leave it to Paris Hilton to do that and still fail.

Of course, don’t take our word for it, we wouldn’t want to be called haters by all the tone-deaf, spoiled brats out there who think I’m just hating cuz Paris is richer than I’ll ever be, just check out the following two videos.

First we have the original release by Manufactured Superstars featuring Lea Luna titled ‘Drunk Text’ and then we save the best (or the best of the worst, depending on how you look at it) for last and present Paris Hilton’s version, which she got all creative with and renamed ‘Drunk Sexting’. Note, maybe it is apropos that Manufactured Superstars is behind the Paris version too, but does any one else think it’s kind of a lame move to re-record a track with the voice of a much bigger name mere months after the release of the original track? It’s their song and they can do what they want, that is their choice, but still, do you think they sold out?





An Open Letter To Paris Hilton:

Listen, it’s not that we dislike or even hate you because you’re rich, it’s not that we thought your sextape was kinda lame, or that we have no clue why you’re famous, sextape not withstanding. Fact is, we respect your hustle, you wouldn’t have had a reality TV show, put out an album, have your own fragrance, and all those other endeavors you attach your name to if you were a completely lazy person; these things took some sort of effort on your part, right?

But you see, here’s the thing, it doesn’t help you that the resulting products fair as badly as they do -well at least the music products. I have no idea what the quality of your fashion is. And there is a reason for such bad results; there is no love behind them.

My theory is that we are all witnesses to you trying to find yourself, something we all go through, you just happen to be doing it in the public eye. In trying to find yourself you are jumping from one project to another and if this latest song is any indication, the lack of realness, or better yet, genuine love for what you are doing, in this case House music, results in garbage product.

Of course, it doesn’t help that you completley disrespected House music culture not once but twice, once by dissing a House DJ and asking him to change his music mid-set, and again by pretending you’re a big fan afterwards. You simply can’t be a baller hanging with Hip Hop stars and dissing House music one minute and the next shacking up with a House DJ and claiming to having been a House head all along. When someone does that in our world, we call them on it, or at the minimum, we’d all look at them like they were “we todd id” when they walked up in the club like their shit don’t stink. This is what is happening to you, just in the public eye, cuz that is your domain, that is where you made your bed. And in case no one told you, being famous or rich is no excuse or any reason for letting you get away with such bad behavior. You simply can’t diss an entire culture and its people only to come back later once it’s fashionable and not expect a backlash.

Fact is, one need not be a House head to be irrated by you; people from all walks of life are irritated by you, and again, I believe this is because it seems to us, all the way down here at the bottom of the barrel, that you are disengenious, I mean, not keeping it real…with yourself. Maybe you should make that your next project.

What do you think about Paris Hilton’s new House track? Of her? Are people too hard on her or is she her worst enemy? Leave comments below in either our site or in FB comment box.