Rebel Tumbao Pre-Release Album Performance At Drom NYC
October 30, 2013
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Rebel Tumbao Pre-Release Album Performance At Drom NYC

We here at 1200dreams have a deep love for anything organic, especially our music. When a band can combine Roots Reggae and contemporary Cuban Son to create its own organic sound that has Soul, Gospel, Blues, Jazz and African influences, it’s something to be celebrated.

Rebel Tumbao is such a band. I had the opportunity to see the eleven piece socially conscious group live at Drom (Monday, Oct 28, 2013 – NYC) during their debut performance of their upcoming self-titled album release on Sacred Rhythm Music (November 2013). Rebel Tumbao’s mission “To help spread awareness, heal the planet and unite the world in harmony” is what influences the message in their music.

Headed by Matt Jenson and José Claussell, messages and rhythms united to awaken listeners to the positive influences that can be used to heal the world. Lead vocalist, Chris Kazarian brought a free spirited energy to his performance.

The event, hosted by Sacred Rhythms Music, in collaboration with Soul Feast Music, was produced by Joe Claussell and Brian Michel Bacchus. Sacred Rhythms Music founder, Joaquin Joe Clausell, opened the night and played to a packed room.

Rebel Tumbao took the stage with José Claussell – percussion (co-leader), ​​ ​​Matt Jenson – piano, keyboards, vocals (co-leader), Chris Kazarian – lead vocals, Orlando Vega – congas, Mark Lopez – percussion, Danny Torres – bass, Shelby Sykes – backing vocals, Tesia Kwarteng – backing vocals, Dacia Kings – backing vocals, Matt Plummer – trombone and Raul Navarette – trombone filling the venue with the rich sounds that only live instruments and vocals can bring. Their message is universal, timely and relevant. Their delivery is underground, unpretentious and heartfelt.

Click to get a preview of their debut album on Sacred Rhythms Music.


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