October 6, 2011


Let me start off by saying, I’ve never considered myself an Apple fanboy, you know, one of those devout consumers of all things Apple, to put it nicely. Year after year, in debate after debate over the Apple vs. Microsoft war, I would proudly call myself “bitechual”, a term I created (as far as I know) to describe my appreciation for both sides of this technological showdown.

That being said, Steve Jobs was such a genuis, that it doesn’t matter which side you claim in the grand debate, you simply had, no wait, have, to recognize his brilliance. He was an astute leader, a visionary, a perfectionist, and maybe a little crazy, all things I consider myself or at least aspire to be on my best days.

I have always been in awe and had a high appreciation for Steve Jobs. how could I not? The first computer I ever used was an Apple II, in the music and web industry of which I have been a part of for 15+ years, Apple products simply dominate. MS products are good, they can get the same job done, but I also recognized early on that the majority of those I came across would aspire to get their hands on an Apple product -when their budget allowed, some put themselves in debt. The bottomline is that when you saw someone using an Apple product, you knew they meant business. That still holds true to this day, even more so. This was all due to the passion Steve Jobs put into his products. To say he was an inspiration is an understatement.

Some of those I debated with might be surprised that the number of AppIe products I now own has surpassed my Microsoft ones, or more importantly, that my main machine is a Mac Book Pro -this site was made primarily on this machine. But, I am not. I remain steadfastly bitechual, in fact I first heard he had passed while using a Windows 7 machine, but people like him don’t come around too often. You do yourself a diservice by not paying attention and learning from such a person during the short time they walk this earth. I made sure I did. Which is why, as I reflect on the contibutions he has made to our society, and to me personally, I can’t help but feel a little sad. Steve Jobs is gone way too soon and he will be greatly missed.

We send our condolences to his family and all of Apple! God bless Steve Jobs.

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