Top WMC & UMF 2012 Videos.. So Far

It’s Monday, easily the least appreciated day of the week, not to mention the hardest morning to get up. That is never more true after you’ve been partying for an entire week, with barely any sleep or real food, like so many did this past week during Miami Music Week when the Winter Music Conference and Ultra Music Festival were both in town. Thankfully, there are people out there who believe in the same credo we do, sleep is for suckers! These same dedicated individuals have already begun uploading the memories they captured during this insane music filled week and we want to share some of the most interesting with you.

Some of these videos have actual production value, while others are just raw and as shaky as an ass in a thong. And there’s some of that too. We also have for you the awesome skills of Araabmuzik for those who want to see the future of Djing, there’s also video of ‘el maestro’, Louie Vega alongside David Morales. Then there’s video of Swedish House Mafia and Avicii, oh, and there’s also a video of Steve Aoki hitting a girl square in the face with some cake! And she asked for it!

This is no way near an exhaustive list, videos are being uploaded by the second as people wake up and the ringing in their ears and the haze wears off. Nevertheless, we feel these videos capture the essence of what what went down this past week in Miami. We made sure to include videos that are at least longer than a couple of minutes and nothing where the sound is too terribly distorted (there’s a great vid of DJ Shadow circulating but it sounded horrendous and I simply couldn’t do that to you). I also recommend you begin buffering the last video, Avicii Live, first, and watch the others first. It’s the longest video by far, clocking in at just under an hour!!

If you have any videos you think we should share, let us know, we will add it to this list, or create another piece just for you! In the meantime, watch and reminisce, or if you weren’t there, well, see what you missed!

Araabmuzik @ Villa

Steve Aoki throws cake in girls face

3 Kings Of House ” Pool Party WMC 2012 Miami Beach

WMC 2012 PoolParty@NIKKI BEACH

Save the world – Swedish House Mafia.. WMC 2012

Avicii Live